Friday, February 8, 2013

Winners of the Valentines Candles & What are your hobbies?

Congratulations to the winners of the Valentine's Candles.

I decided to pick two winners and the winners are:

Drum Roll.........

Sam K

Joy B

Check your emails for instructions on how to receive your prize.

I decided a few years back to start making candles as a hobby. I love candles and thought I may eventually get to a point where I would do it for a business (a little extra cash). Last year I sort of got out of it (ran out of time/didn't make time) and decided this year that I would continue to make candles as a hobby and posting them on my blog as a prize would sort of force me to make time for my hobby.

I think it is important we all find a hobby. I think that being so obese I sort of forgot about me and finding things that are fun to do. What are your hobbies? Post them below and if you have a website I will post your hobbies and website and a future blog of mine.


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