Monday, August 26, 2013

Shanda's Health Steward Update



Remember me? Some of you know me as your daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin, friend, co-worker or acquaintance. I haven’t completely fallen off the grid although I do admit it has been way too long since I have posted an update. Life has sort of just gotten in the way and I’m trying hard to focus on being “healthy” as I can be.


So as far as weight loss goes I haven’t had a ton of progress in the last 9 months or so. My body has just been teetering between the same 5 pounds. I’ve lost a total (about) of 295 pounds which I am very proud of myself and am definitely giving myself credit for. Not many people can say they’ve lost that much weight nor can many people even say they weight that much. So that is a HUGE victory for me. I’ve learned A LOT on my journey and my #1 focus is to keep the weight off. In this process I’ve learned that maybe my goal weight isn’t a realistic weight for me. I have things to consider as extra skin, muscle, bone density, etc. I’ve learned that clothes size is a more practical measurement of where you should be. So in shirt size I’m at goal for the most part. I think once I lose more in my tummy (or get skin removed) I will be able to wear the next size down more comfortably. In pant size I’m not where I want to be. The big factor there is the skin removal that is needed not only in my stomach but my thighs. My thighs seem to be a huge problem (probably more than my stomach). I feel like I will lose about 2-3 pant sizes which will make me about 2 pant sizes from my goal size.  My personal trainer has told me many times that she doesn’t think I have a whole lot of “fat” left to lose which makes me feel a little bit better too but I do know I still have some work to do.


I’m still working out in my water classes. Doing water aerobics and water zumba. I’m having a blast with them especially with water zumba. It is so rewarding to be able to move in ways I wasn’t able to before. Again… I’m NEVER going back!


So I know people that have lost weight (a lot or a little) and have gained it back (myself included). That is why I decided as long as I don’t gain any weight I would be content at my current weight (assuming my health stays good as it is right now). I’m considered “healthy” with a few minor malabsorption issues that go along with the territory (Vitamin D, Iron). But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so happy I’ve given myself this awesome tool and have been able to use it to get the unhealthy portion of my life gone and gain the healthy portion of my life.


I encourage those of you on the fence about it to at least research it. I don’t promote this for everyone but it is a great tool for some people who are realistic about it and who have been truly trying everything else and haven’t had any luck. It isn’t magic… you have to work it…. You have to make the healthy decisions…but it does make it a tiny bit easier to make those healthy decisions and to eat smaller portions. If you or someone you know ever wants to talk to me about it PLEASE do. I know I couldn’t have made the decision without the input of some of you reading this who had the surgery before I did (you know who you are). But it isn’t about surgery really… it is about a healthy lifestyle. It is about changing habits that we get so comfortable in. It is about fighting the rebel in us that allows us to shove our feelings with food. It is about getting rid of the excuses. We need to fight for our health. We need to find that small part of us that is willing to fight it even though we don’t necessarily think so great about who we see in the mirror. I’ve been there. I’ve had to fake it for a long time and I’m finally slowly starting to love myself and see the beautiful person I am (inside and out). It is hard to see a beautiful person at 579 pounds (my highest weight) but not only physically but mentally. All I saw was death… I knew I was going down that path so my mind set was already set for doom and gloom. We need to remember we are human and make errors but now is the time to do something about your health. NOW! YOU CAN DO IT NOW! I’m so humbled by the 2nd chance I got at life. I am certain that if I didn’t do something that more than likely I wouldn’t be on this earth today sharing my story. I’m certain I probably would have had an heart attack that killed me in my mid 30’s.


I have friends that tell me that I have inspired them to do lose weight. I love to hear that because that is all that makes me happy now. I have my health (which I won’t take for granted) but now I want to help anyone and everyone I can.


With that said… a little random blurb about my skin removal. My insurance has denied me once already for the skin removal (don’t worry I’m going to keep fighting) but I do know that they won’t agree to everything that I need. I’m trying to use what I do for a living to raise money for my skin removal. So if you or someone you know needs to buy or sell real estate CONTAT ME! If you have a realtor already that you may want to use I can still receive a “referral fee” which can be a significant amount of money and you can still use your Realtor. It is NO COST TO YOU. I’ve been in the real estate field for 15 years and it is how I make a living. So contact me if you have any questions about how this works as I don’t want to beat a dead horse (and I really do hate to ask but that’s part of my job). J


With that said I am going to end it here. I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m loving myself more each day and I want YOU to love yourself no matter what. Please contact me with questions, comments, concerns, complaints…absolutely anything. I am here for YOU!


My Best,





SunnySusan said...

Hey Shanda!!

You are so awesome to keep going and lose all that weight!! I am still losing albeit slowly now. I still want to get to my goal weight which is about 19 pounds away. i have never been this close to goal in my life!!

I really think if you ever get the skin removal it will make a huge difference. My arms bother me but I know I will never get the surgery. Unless I win the lottery!!

I am in mostly 14-16 pants and I am happy with that. I haven't worn that size since high school.

I am going to start using weights at the gym and it should make some difference in my arms and stomach area. I am still doing water aerobics which I love.

Keep up the great work.

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